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                公元1995年,云南汽车销售行业领袖的开启之年,凯旋利集大總管团在此后的23年中,精耕西南,布局全国,取得一系列骄人成果。集团在董事长李玉明先生的带领和集团全体员工看著他們的努力下,拼搏进取,奋勇当先,不仅让现金网赌博官网成为 心中一沉云南当之无愧的行业领袖,更成为全国极具影响力的汽车销售领域巨头。在汽车领域取得非凡成就的同怕时,集团开始多元化发展,投资投行·汽车工贸·大健康·生态旅游·商业地产▓等产业系统,并依托省内外高≡端资源和丰富智库,整合社会资人源,实现了城市功能产业整合,招商融资,落地经营,社会运作等一站式运营服务。集团根据市场发展方向,进行了精准高效的产业突▽围。

                集团简介 他有那件法寶图.jpg

                In 1995, Yunnan automobile sales industry leader opened the year, kaixuanli group in the next 23 years, the intensive cultivation of the southwest, the layout of the country, made a series of remarkable achievements. In the lead group and group chairman Mr. Li Yuming of the efforts of all staff, enterprising spirit, boldly, not only let the kaixuanli group to become the leader of Yunnan fully deserve industry, became the most influential automobile sales giant. The outstanding achievements in the field of vehicle at the same time, the group began to diversify, investment banks and automobile industry big health and ecological tourism, commercial real estate industry system, and relying on the inside and outside the province of high-end resources and rich think tank, the integration of social resources, to achieve the function of City industrial integration, investment financing, landing operations, social operation station type of service. According to the market development direction of the group, carried out an accurate and efficient industry breakthrough.